Student Project Fund

You’re welcome to ask to switch to me if you’re interested in doing HCI research, but we should talk first. If I’m not on the list, I am usually happy to serve as your advisor if there is a particularly good reason, like you’re specifically looking for someone to talk to about UI/UX, human-computer interaction (HCI) research, or launching a startup. For honors thesis advising, I’m happy to advise projects related to HCI research, and I aim to do one per year. In one chapter, Galef suggests leaning into confusion (e.g., if some seemingly contradictory information gives rise to a feeling of confusion), which I agree with. Someone with a math degree will have a bunch of explicit knowledge in their head about things like Cauchy-Schwarz inequality and the Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem, but the important stuff for being able to understand the book isn’t the explicit knowledge, but the general way one thinks about math. But one thing I recommend to someone applying to any university, before or after the application deadline, is to consider speaking with Ph.D. All our Ph.D. positions are fully funded. Masters students and Ph.D. For honors theses, Masters projects, and independent studies, I prefer that you join my research group and work on an existing project. If you wish to do your own project instead, then you are welcome to make a case for it, and if we both agree on it, you should prepare a timeline for the semester and a plan of what you will do. You may even consider my suggested recommendation letter protocol for a more relaxed timeline if you want a less stressful recommendation letter experience. I’m happy to write recommendation letters for students I can write a detailed letter about. Can you write me a recommendation letter? If you’re enrolling at the start of the semester and the course is already at its enrollment cap (in the years where there is a cap), این صفحه there will be an online application form for extra open spots that you can fill out. All I ask for in return is if you can let me know the outcome (positive of negative) so I can calibrate my letters in the future.

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